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It’s a Destiny 2 pre-order exclusive only until December.

OK, so it doesn’t actually freeze it’s enemies, as the name Coldheart might infer. Which would be pretty…cool…right?

As Bungie senior gameplay designer Jon Weisnewski said in an interview with IGN, Coldheart is a “trace rifle” that emits a constant laser beam, inflicting damage over time. In the interview, Weisnewski also states that players will have to deal with the recoil during the firing of the beam. Finally, he stated that it can cause significant precision damage.

So why the name Coldheart?

Apparently Coldheart has a liquid that cools as it fires and also acts as the ammunition. But for those of you looking for a Mr. Freeze-type Destiny 2 weapon, this isn’t quite it.

If yourq looking for something to compare this weapon to, the closest thing that’s currently in the arsenal of the Destiny world would be fusion rifles, which take a moment to charge before firing a burst of fast moving lasers. Yet Coldheart is absolutely a new kind of weapon. And although at the moment it’s the only weapon of it’s kind, according to Weisnewski, trace rifles may become an entirely new class.

“We’ve tried more interesting things, like we have with Coldheart, across the scope of the weapons in Destiny 2,” Weisnewski said. “We’re definitely trying to push the idea of player experience and what that can mean for an exotic weapon. I think Coldheart is a really good example … there’s going to be more experiences like that in Destiny 2.”

Besides Coldheart, here are some of the other confirmed exotics in Destiny 2:

  • Borealis – a PS4-exclusive sniper rifle which players can toggle between solar, void and arc rounds
  • Sweet Business – a kinetic, minigun-class auto rifle that gets more accurate the longer it’s fired
  • Riskrunner – an arc energy submachine gun that chains lightning between enemies
  • Sunshot – a solar energy hand cannon that fires explosive rounds which cause targets to burst into flames upon death

Because of the nature of it’s handling, Coldheart seems like the perfect fit for the PC. In fact, Bungie intentionally calibrated weapon recoil specifically for the PC version according to PC Gamer.

Yet there’s been hot debate already over the fact that it’s only being made available to pre-orders.

So what are your thoughts? Are you high on this weapon, or eh?

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  2. I’ll wait until December
  3. Not interested in this gun
  4. Dammit Bungie!