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How to find Xur on Nessus

Map of Xur’s Nessus Location

How to find Xur on EDZ

Map of Xur’s EDZ Location

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Map of Xur’s Tower Location

Guardian, the path to finding Xur lies right at your fingertips.

Xur, the elusive Agent of the Nine, operates as a merchant within the world of Destiny. He deals in exotic & legendary weapons and armor. All were obtained in exchange for the rare currencies of legendary shards. Your gear is your stronghold, your defense against opposing forces.
Whether you’re engaged in fierce Crucible battles or exploring the vast jungles of Nessus, a potent offense and robust defense significantly elevate your odds of surviving and thriving.
In simple terms, Xur holds a pivotal role in your journey. Underestimating his importance would be a grave error. If you seek the upper hand against the encroaching Darkness or your fellow guardians in the Crucible, regularly visiting Xur is imperative.
Consider this: Do you yearn for the domination that is “Sweet Business? Xur has presented this exceptional weapon multiple times and is awaiting your acquisition.
Perhaps the allure of the “Obsidian Mind” helmet or the “Heart of the Praxis Fire” chestplate beckons to you. You could await a stroke of luck, hoping these treasures come your way.

Yet, there exists a path chosen by the elite guardians.
Discover Xur’s whereabouts every weekend and inspect his offerings for these coveted gems.
Xur remains shrouded in mystery, appearing only on weekends between the daily reset on Friday to Tuesday mornings reset. Alternating between the Tower Hangar, The Winding Cove in The European Dead Zone (EDZ), and in Watchers Grave on Nessus. His precise location fluctuates within these domains. This ever-changing hideaway poses a formidable challenge for a vigilant guardian such as yourself.
But fret not.

With our state-of-the-art tracking technology, we swiftly and effortlessly unveil Xur’s location. This ensures you spend less time in pursuit and more time on what truly matters: safeguarding the galaxy from the encroaching Darkness.
Above, you’ll find detailed maps depicting the Tower, EDZ and Nessus and various confirmed spots where Xur has been sighted.
For those eager to reach the exotic Dealer swiftly, we invite you to visit our ‘Where is Xur‘ homepage.

To you, Guardian, we raise a toast. May your quest to locate Xur be swift, rewarding, and beneficial to all of us, relying on your strength.

Join us every weekend.
Locate Xur promptly.
Equip yourself.
Head back into the fray.
Become a legend.