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Incredible! This app is amazing… I was invited to try it out and so far I absolutely love it. The features are simple, but incredibly useful. The app itself is really fast and looks beautiful. The UI/UX is perfectly designed. This is a perfect way to meet new gamers and make friends. If you love gaming and want to meet new people, do yourself a favor and download this app!

Kaitlyn Crawford

Find a Fireteam

Hello Guardians. Are you looking for a Fireteam to help farm for better gear to boost your light level? Are you looking for a group to take on opposing guardians in the Crucible? Try GamerLink.

GamerLink is an app for iOS and Android that uses a unique “beacon” system to help you find your Fireteam. When you’re planning to play you can let others who are also looking to play. GamerLink lets you say what challenge you are looking to take on, when you’ll start, and how long you plan to play. It also lets you use hashtags to specify what kind of game you’re looking to play, like #nomic or #experienced.

Destiny LFG App

We know that Destiny is best played with friends whether you’re taking on raids, trials, strikes, the Crucible, or just playing through the story. Give GamerLink a try, and send out a beacon next time you’re LFG.

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