The first NPC that Guardians interact with is Suraya Hawthorne, however the next NPC we get to know is her old friend Devrim Kay VIII.

When we meet Devrim Kay he is in a church tower, and complains that he doesn’t have tea for us. However, he rewards us with the EDZ Shell for our ghost, which shows us Region chests for the EDZ on our map.

Devrim Kay is also the vendor for the European Dead Zone, and Guardians can rank up with him by giving him EDZ Tokens (found in the Region Chests and earned by doing activities within the European Dead Zone) and Dusklight Shards. Guardians that rank up with Devrim will be rewarded with an EDZ Engram that contains random gear. This gear may include: Wildwood Mask, Wildwood Grips, Wildwood Vest, Wildwood Strides, Wildwood Cloak, Dead Zone Foliage Shader, and the Dead Zone Bark Shader.

Who is Devrim Kay?

Devrim Kay is the smooth-talking, British, gentleman sniper of the European Dead Zone. Devrim spends his time in a church tower, shooting the Fallen and Cabal that dare to walk below him while providing Guardians with weapons, advice, and friendly banter.

Devrim Kay is a friend of Suraya Hawthorne from when she was still within the Last City, and one of our firsts quests is filled with their friendly banter and Devrim mentioning how many times he bailed her out of trouble. He goes so far as to blame her for his gray hair.

Devrim also manufactures weapons for the survivors. His weapons are made from pre-Golden Age tech and, while far simpler-looking than what we’re used to, they certainly do the job. One such weapon is Scathelocke, the legendary Auto Rifle. Its description says, “This weapon was forged by Devrim Kay VIII for the survivors.”

Guardians who stand around and listen to Devrim Kay’s idle chatter will learn that he has a love of tea, and he likes to write letters home to someone named Mark. According to an interview with his voice actor, Devrim Kay is Destiny’s first gay character and Mark is his partner waiting for him back home. Some quotes that brought this conclusion include the following:

“Hot cocoa, homemade Faun Cheese, baked clams… Oh, I do miss you, Mark.”

“My dear Mark, I am toasty warm, I assure you. Though, uhm, you might send me more tea.”