Contraverse Hold

Exotic Warlock Gauntlets


Armor Mods


Default Shader
Restores your gear to its default colors.


Armor Perks

Chaotic Exchanger
Resist incoming damage while charging your Void grenade with Chaos Accelerant, Feed the Void, or Handheld Supernova. Charged Void grenades return a random amount of grenade energy on a hit.

Mobility Enhancement Mod
Increased Mobility

Plasteel Reinforcement Mod
Increased Resilience.

Momentum Transfer
Causing damage with a grenade reduces your melee cooldown.

Special Ammo Finder
Increases the drop chance of Special ammo on kill.


Lore: Contraverse Hold

“Nothing is free. I know that. Therefore, he knows it too. If our places were swapped, he would do the same.” —Tomek I

FROM THE WRITINGS OF TOMEK All things have a cost. But what if I didn’t have to be the one to pay it? The many-worlds theory may be out of fashion among my peers, but the fanatical beliefs of the Future War Cult don’t come from nowhere. I remember the exact moment I realized: If I was investigating ways to make my parallel selves carry my burdens, then surely those Tomeks had already had the same idea. I had no way of knowing the others’ progress. But each time I bent my head over my workbench, I felt the gaze of infinite eyes upon my shoulders. In the end, I and one other activated our inventions at the exact same space-time coordinates. It came down to a cosmic coin toss. One of us became the owner of the powerful Contraverse Hold. And I became a battery.