And What Importance Will It Be For The Guardian?

OK, so our beloved happy place – The Tower – is in ashes.

Gary – er, Ghaul – and his loathsome band of Cabal warriors have invaded, smashed, plundered, and destroyed the peace and safety of The Tower, driving guardians and citizens alike into exile.

As we all pick up the pieces and try to find some sense of normalcy and sanity, we find ourselves gathering at a place called The Farm in Destiny 2.

Located in The European Dead Zone, The Farm appears to be the closest thing to a safe harbor for the Guardian and includes:

  • The Postmaster – Darbl 55-30
  • The Cryptarch (although it’s not Master Rahool!)
  • A Hanger to fix your ships and sparrows
  • A soccer pitch/field
  • A stunning view of The Shard (a large, shattered section of Traveller)
  • Fire pits
  • And most importantly, chickens. Seriously. Lots of chickens.

Your guardian won’t immediately be able to get to The Farm. You have to play through the opening sequence/main Homecoming mission at The Tower, at which point The Farm will be unlocked for you.

Once unlocked, it appears that The Farm will evolve as time progresses as Ryan Ebinger, Bungie’s narrative lead, hints at in this video.

Whereas in the original Destiny only 16 players could be in The Tower at any given point, The Farm in Destiny 2 is going to be able to hold up to 26. This will increase the chances of you having an intense game of soccer with other guardians.

Your guardian will now have a chance to blow off some steam and play a full game of soccer on the pitch that’s one of the features of The Farm. Not only are there legit goals, a player who scores can set off fireworks to put an exclamation point on their achievement.

(Check out YouTuber Wizzite’s video to see the fireworks as well as some secret spots and observations on where Xur might spawn…)

Far off in the distance lies The Shard, fallen remains of The Traveller that have crashed to Earth somewhere else in the European Dead Zone. It appears that your guardian will be able to travel across the EDZ to actually reach The Shard, although it’s not clear yet what you’ll do once you get there.

We would be remiss if we forgot to include the chickens. There are chickens at The Farm. You can see Cayde 6 holding one in the Destiny 2 Official Launch Trailer. So there’s that. Chickens.

Soccer field and chickens aside, The Farm offers at least a few familiar faces, or at least a few familiar vendor stations. The postmaster is back, as is the Cryptarch, although instead of Master Rahool, we now find Tyra Karn, a familiar face from Destiny’s Rise of Iron’s social space.

Whether Xur, Lord Shaxx, or any of the other vendors make it is certainly open to speculation, but one thing is clear. The Farm, at least in the beginning after you make it out of The Tower, will be the spot for your Guardian to chill out, regroup, and get ready to get back out there.

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