“When I look at the universe of Destiny, I see a lot of opportunity to tell stories about these characters that — you look at the Cryptarch and Xur, we don’t know much about them, but they’re cool characters. I’m curious about them. I want to know more about the Cryptarch. He seems mean. What’s going on with Xur? We’re trying to create these opportunities,”

Scott Taylor, Executive Producer of Rise Of Iron

This quote from a Gamesbeat interview in 2016 is probably the best indication that Xur will be returning in Destiny 2, although in the video game world, nothing is guaranteed.

There’s also the trailer for Destiny 2 which shows several hooded, cloaked figures lingering on the periphery, although these could very well be hunters.

xur in destiny 2

The Nine’s Role?

It seems that the The Nine – of which Xur is a servant of – will be running the Trials (formerly Trials of Osiris), and if so, this would indicate that there’s going to be a greater emphasis placed on The Nine. Fans have been clamoring for this, well, pretty much since Destiny came out in 2014.  (Also, as a side note, check out how many different things Xur says in the same thread…)

If the Nine do indeed take a larger role, it would stand to reason that Xur will be alive and well. He’s not only an Agent of the Nine, but one of the most sought-after vendors at the Tower. From all the inside and public knowledge we’ve been able to gather, bringing Xur back is definitely in Bungie’s interest.

It’s been noted that the Nine have some kind of claim or presence on Saturn. What with all the traveling we’re going to be doing around these planets and moons in Destiny 2, there may very well be a possibility that Saturn, Titan, or one of the other moons of Saturn will be a landing point for Xur, assuming the Nine continue to send him to sell merch and collect Coins.

Conspiracy About Launch Date?

There’s also the conspiracy around the moving of the launch date of Destiny 2 to Wednesday, September 6th. It had originally been scheduled for Friday, September 8th, which would have been a Friday. From an article in the Express:

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision, recently confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox One Destiny 2 release date has moved to September 6.

The original date had been set for September 8, although PC fans are in for a longer wait.

That’s because Destiny 2 won’t arrive on that platform until October 24, although this date could be subject to further change.

“We are also hard at work with our friends at Bungie optimising Destiny 2 for the PC, which we will be releasing in all its glory on October 24,” Hirshberg added. Of course Xur arrives on Fridays at 5 AM EST, and it’s been hypothesized that Bungie moved the date so that Xur doesn’t get destroyed in the Tower.

Can you imagine Xur showing up at the Tower with his wormy face only to find it in ashes?

confused travolta is xur in destiny 2

The Future of Xur

At this point, there’s no sure way of knowing if Xur will be in Destiny 2, or if he is, what his role will be. We will continue to support him for the original Destiny, but we’ll also be on the cutting edge with whatever Bungie has done with him in Destiny 2.

If you haven’t already signed up for our mailing alerts, please do now so that you can stay in touch with whatever is on the horizon. Not only will you be able to get Xur’s location, you’ll also join over twelve thousand other guardians as we journey together.

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What do YOU think? Submit your thoughts, conspiracies, etc., below in the comments.