In a previous article, we hypothesized on whether Xur would be in Destiny 2.

Well, thanks to a massive datamine leak (see this Reddit post) coming out of the beta, as well as a major GameSpot leak, we have our first concrete intel on whether Xur will indeed be in Destiny 2, and the answer is YES.

And it appears much has changed with when and how he appears, and most importantly, what exoctic weapons and armor he’s bringing.

According to the leaked GameSpot guide, “Xur is a strange vendor who randomly appears in a PUBLIC SECTOR in each of the four Worlds, depending on planetary alignments and Bungie’s whim. Xur sells Exotic equipment and only takes LEGENDARY SHARDS in exchange for them”

xur in destiny 2

Read that again – LEGENDARY SHARDS are now going to be the new currency for Xur to accept! We’re not sure at this point what’s happening with Strange Coins, but we do now know that Xur isn’t accepting them in exchange for Exotic gear anymore.

Also, he will be appearing now in Public Sectors in each of the four Worlds. What that means exactly, we’re still not sure. What we DO know, in general, is that Xur is now going to be much more free-roaming and challenging to find.

In addition to a much larger leash from Bungie, Xur come to us in Destiny 2 full of new Exotics. You can see a full list here.

So what does this mean to you, Guardian?

It means to find Xur in Destiny 2, you’re going to have to spend a whole lot of time and effort looking for him on your own. No longer is he going to simply show up within the Tower or Reef at a predictable time or in a predictable pattern.

Or, you could watch us find him together when we do our live streaming event this coming Friday.

Regardless, Bungie has made a major overhaul with Xur, and this is the place for you to keep up with all the changes. Find Xur’s location when you need it right here at!